Bulseye Magazine


Bulseye wishes to establish a safe space policy in order to create an open and welcoming environment so everyone who wishes to participate in our publication feels able to do so.

We at BulsEye believe:

  1. We must be committed to providing an inclusive and supportive space for all contributors. This policy is applicable to all aspects of our publication, whether regarding  an individual or a member within the group, members who are involved in other groups or represent any other forums.

  2. That we aspire to provide an environment where individuals can express their views free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

  3. That ‘Freedom of Speech’ should be respected as well as recognising its boundaries. 

  4. That we must respect our diverse population and take a zero tolerance approach to discrimination in any form.

  5. This policy covers any participants in Bulseye, whether contributing to the online publication or attending any events.

Our Commitment to Safe Spaces:

Oppressive Behaviour

Bulseye is committed to our core values of inclusivity and will take a zero tolerance approach to language or behaviour that is racist, sexist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, ableist, threatening or violent, as well as language/behaviour that makes any other member of our community feel harassed, bullied or discriminated against. 


The publication believes all should be free from intimidation or harassment, resulting from prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, marital or maternity/paternity status, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, trans status, socio-economic status, culture, or any other form of distinction.  


Any who report such behaviour can rest assured the editors will ensure they receive strict anonymity. People who have said or done things that we as editors, believe to be indicative of these behaviours will not be published regardless of what they wish to write about. 



Don’t make assumptions about someone’s identity. Think about the ways that people from minority groups may be impacted in different ways by the issues you discuss. Be aware that your experiences are not necessarily the same as everybody else in the room. Be aware of any position and privileges you may bring regarding for example your race, your class, your gender identity, your ability or your age. 


Sexual Harassment 

There is a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment. This means no unwanted touching, so please make sure you have consent before engaging in any physical contact with someone. This also means no inappropriate sexual comments or taunts. This policy also includes previous reports of sexual harassment prior to the magazines adaption. If any sexual harassment is reported to an editor, they have the right not to publish any work by said individual, and the person who reported will recieve strict anonymity. 



A pronoun is how you refer to someone, for example using she or they. Please ask people what their pronouns are if you are meeting them for the first time. Use their correct pronouns, even if the words are unfamiliar to you. If you make a mistake and refer to someone with the wrong pronoun, apologise and move on. 

We aim to create a safe, open-minded, inclusive and welcoming environment, in which members can get involved and participate in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance.

Reporting a breach of policy / Make a complaint to report a breach of policy please follow the procedure laid out here safespace@bulseye.co.uk