Write For Black History Month 2021

This year, we are hoping to centre Black voices in our second issue of our Black History Month Magazine.

Until the 31st of October, we will be accepting and publishing articles and artwork that focus on Black history and issues.

The theme for BHM 2021 is Proud To Be, so we would particularly be interested in articles that celebrate different Black identities, achievements and contributions.

If you’re interested, you can contribute,

  • Opinion pieces

  • Personal essays

  • Lifestyle essays

  • Political writing

  • Art & photography

At the end of the month, all submitted articles will be available both online and in print. There is the option of donating to the Reach Out Project, a mentoring programme to support young Black boys from inner-city London.

If you want to get involved, you can email:


Sundus Abdi

7 Oct 2021

POLSIS in Colour /

Write For Black History Month 2021