Second Edition

7 Sept 2020

Second Edition



Jude Stafford

The Economic Case for Tackling Climate Change

Megan Cole

An Insight into Income and Wealth Inequality in the UK


George Shealy

Race, class and the coup in Bolivia

Jennifer Maidment

Can you place Rwanda on a map?

Lewis Quinn

Flipping the Senate


Talia Knoble – Gershon

So why can't I categorise every Jewish person’s experience into one article?

Tia Bush

Care4Calais: Tia Bush describes the situation

Jess Wilson

Refugees are not illegal.

George Aminoff

At least Wiley taught me a lesson. Sort of.

Natasha Hertz

Remembering Holocaust Survivours

Jonathan Korn

Review of Edinburgh

The Women and Non-binary Students Association Intersectional Feminist Campaign

From Casualisation to Coronavirus - A statement on the working and learning conditions at the University of Birmingham

Jennifer Maidment

Council Councillors deserve Counselling?

Hamdi Rage

Why does the BBC think it’s acceptable to repeat racial slurs?

Megan Cole

Making the Distinction Between Liberation and Exploitation? - "I May Destroy You"

Jess Wilson

The Real Trash is the Patriarchy We Made Along the Way



Weekly Wipe - An overview of the last few weeks in politics and current affairs


Megan Cole

Come on Keir, Let's Make our Trans Allyship Clear!

Patrick Gilbert

Liberalism still matters—but lord are we bad at mattering

Nia Brace

Should we Cancel Cancel Culture?

Henry Snowballs

Ruthless ideology or sheer incompetence? Breaking down the Governments catastrophically bad COVID-19 response

Ellen Wright

Labour must understand gender and sexual orientation to stop the TERF takeover