First Edition

24 Jun 2020

First Edition



Jude Stafford

After Coronavirus: Labour Must Remain Firmly Opposed to Austerity

Megan Cole

The Case For a UBI Revolution


Ben Lockley

Why Bernie lost

Lewis Quinn

Joe Biden’s Uphill Battle


Jennifer Maidment

Dear Men on the Left,

Teddy Beeston

Whatelygate: Trust Between Politicians and the Public

Jess Wilson

#CleanerGate is a Symptom of The Bigger Covid Class Crisis

George Shealy

Bait: class dynamics in the era of Brexit

Nia Brace

Reflecting on George Orwell in the 21st Century

Yernur Niyetkaliyev

Good Politics = Boring Politics

Joshua Williams

Our words haven’t changed

Amira Osbourne

The Black Lives Matter Movement: Exploring Generational Change

Hamdi Rage

Performative activism is a dangerous tool. Here is how you can be an active ally instead.

Joshua Robertson

Dystopia - Book Review


Jennifer Maidment

What's happening in the UoB Left?


Weekly Wipe - An overview of the last few weeks in politics and current affairs


Meet the Editors


Jonathan Wright. Former Vice Chair of BULS

‘Forensic Opposition’: A New Kind of Politics?

George Shealy

How Labour can improve its five-point plan

Eddy Burchett

We failed to learn from MERS: a damning report on the UK Government handling of Coronavirus

Manisha Dhaliwal

Something has got to change-

Megan Cole

The Benefits of a Non-Aggression Pact for Labour’s future