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Weekly Wipe - An overview of the last few weeks in politics and current affairs

Weekly Wipe - An overview of the last few weeks in politics and current affairs

After the success of our first issue we thought the perfect time to launch our second would be the start of the new academic year. Not only does this allow for students to contribute before settling back into uni life it also allows the new freshers to get an insight into university politics and the Labour society. Equally, we are also incredibly excited about second issue as we’ve partnered with the UoB Jewish Society in order to put a lens on the issues that affect them and the wider Jewish community. As such we’ve received a variety of insightful articles from members of Jsoc including a poignant piece on Wiley’s online anti-Semitism by George Aminoff. We have also received an article from the universities Women’s and Non-Binary Association (WANBA). Their piece highlights the treatment of the universities staff over the past year and during the pandemic with an emphasis on the particularly poor treatment of staff from marginalized groups. Overall, the pieces from both Jsoc and WANBA are an amazing way to unite the UoB community while putting a spotlight on the issues that matter to us and impact us the most.

In our first issue we featured a series of articles highlighting the importance of the black lives matter movement and the history behind the movement. As such in our second issue we thought it essential to feature a piece on the BBC’s use of the N word on the morning news. Hamdi Rage writes about the use of racially motivated slurs by news outlets and how those in positions of power particularly a public should not contribute to the normalisation of these slurs.

As lockdown continues to ease, and life turns back to normality with the opening of theme parks, salons and pubs it is easy to forget the last 6 months of chaos which occurred as a result of the Conservatives handling of the virus. Henry Snowballs secretary of Birmingham University Labour Society writes for us on the blunders after spending the last few months collating all of the incompetencies from herd immunity to the lack of PPE available. Henry’s well cited article really is a shocking read and brings up many issues that the Conservatives have tried very well to make us forget.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen an increase in amount of gender related debates occurring in left wing spheres, most notably in the Labour Party after MP Rosie Duffield made comments about only women having cervixes. Enraging Trans women, non-binary individuals and allies alike. These issues are raised by Ellen Wright and Co-Editor Megan Cole who argue Labour must make their anti-terf, pro trans stance clear to help those from marginalized groups.

On a lighter note, since our last issue a variety of different political issues have received the spotlight, including that of the Liberal Democrat leadership election. Ed Davey managed to win with a staggering 64% of the vote. Chair of the UoB Liberal Democrat society Patrick Gilbert writes about the important of liberal ideology despite the party’s lack of electoral success.

Our second issue is packed with lots of brilliant and interesting reads covering a variety of topics. We were really pleased with the success and engagement on the first issue and we’re excited to keep putting out more content on the issues that need to be written about.


7 Sept 2020