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What's happening in the UoB Left?

What's happening in the UoB Left?

Black Lives Matter

In light of the recent murder of George Floyd, and the resurgence of the BLM movement, the momentum behind race equality right now is reminiscent of the civil rights movement. Within the UoB community, there has been an incredible show of support and actions happening.

BULS created a list of resources, although not exhaustive is a great start for those who want to educate themselves. We also worked with BEMA to create an email template you can send to the Vice-Chancellor or your college/department, to demand action be taken. We have many problems on campus, from the lack of BAME staff to the wage disparity between BAME and white staff on campus. Platitudes and virtue statements are not enough. Action is everything.

We also have curated an open letter to the Unison and UCU campus branches. Following Josh Williams statement regarding the racism he received, it would be unethical to stay silent. Our demands include working with the BAME staff network, resignations from those involved in the disgusting leaked messages, and an independent investigation, among other things. The open letter has already reached over 100 signatures. We hope they both respond soon, and we will be emailing the regional secretaries where possible as well. UCU released a response yesterday (24th of June), at first glance they are being responsive and active but we need more transparency over the actual incident as well as more concrete proof that those involved haven't just ‘stepped back’ but resigned. I’m sure that BULS will be formally responding soon.

This is very much a stepping stone in the right direction. We will continue to do what we can and become better. Being anti-racist is not a label, its continued action. Always feel free to call us out when we aren't living up to this.

Tech Inequality Campaign

This was the new committee's first campaign! We are working with DEP (Digital Education Partnership) to help provide laptops to low-income families, and try to tackle tech inequality in Birmingham. COVID has truly amplified the problem with children now having to work from home.  It is coming to an end on the second of July, so far we have raised £185, just shy of our £250 goal and have received 6 donations of old laptops. Overall very successful. Please donate if you still can, and thank you to everyone who's donated so far.

Bulseye Launch

A new age in BULS history, and UoB history. Our first left-wing magazine. Run by and for students, trying to tackle the world's issues one article at a time. I hope you've enjoyed reading, we have been incredibly lucky to have such talent. Solidarity, and here's to making UoB history.

If your group, or yourself has been running campaigns or doing anything of note, please get in contact so we can add it to this section. We should be a community and be able to lift up achievements whilst encouraging others to get involved.

Jennifer Maidment

24 Jun 2020