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Meet the Editors

Meet the Editors

Co-Editor: Megan Cole (@MeganC2301)

Degree: Policy, Politics and Economics

Why did you want to join Bulseye?: I believe politics on campus needs a mix up and coverage is currently inadequate particularly for politicos. We aim to fill the gap left by The Tab and Redbrick by providing coverage on all issues especially those concerning BULS, the party and particularly the government. Our mission is to be the go to platform for every student's political news needs from campus to the world. Nothing will be too small an issue for Bulseye to cover.

How did you get involved with the party?: I joined Labour when I was 16, shortly after Jeremy Corbyn had been elected leader. To me he was and still is (to some extent) an inspiring leader and politician. I was a very passive member of the party up until coming to university when I decided to dip my toes into the scary waters of student politics. I do not regret this decision one bit as I’ve met so many amazing people, from local activists to MP’s.

How would you describe your politics?: I’d describe my politics as very confused. Principally I know exactly what I stand for but ideologically I definitely don’t fit into a particular box. Which coincidentally doesn't help when being a member of a party where our factions become our identity.

Favourite MP past or present?: I would say my favourite MP of all time would have to be Barbara Castle. She was undeniably one of the most important labour politicians of the 20th century, paving the way for equal pay and equality legislation. Overall, a very iconic figure and someone we can admire for her strong-will and dedication to the labour fight.

Co-editor George Shealy (@georgeshealy1)

Degree: History and Politics

Why did you want to join Bulseye?: Politics has changed so much in the past five years and it is increasingly obvious we need to strengthen and mobilise the Left in a way that the UOB politics scene cannot. My ambition for the Magazine is for it to be a unifying force for all ‘factions’ on the Left and organise it into a capable opposition, whether that be on or off campus. We need reminding that we are united in our goals for society and differ only, sometimes trivially, in how to achieve them.

How did you first get involved with the party? I became a member of the Party when I was 18 after recovering from a sort of cynical stupor about politics. Love him or loathe him, and I have certainly done both, Corbyn restored my faith in politics and I wanted to be a part of the anti-austerity conversation he was making popular.

How would you describe your politics? If we are looking for consistency, I have always believed in an economic system that is strongly regulated and democratised in order to tackle wage salvery, end worker alienation, monopolistic dominance and the current degradation of democracy we see happening under neoliberalism. I think we need to give capitalism a chance to prove its ability to facilitate these changes. I also feel compelled to mention that I think the monarchy is a complete waste of time!

Favourite MP past or Present?: I’ve always been a massive Dennis Skinner fan and was gutted to see him lose his seat at the last general election. I have a soft-spot for his no-nonsense Old Labour style. I’ve also found myself drawn to Ed Miliband over the past two years after discovering his podcast and seeing the potential in his 2015 manifesto. Bacon sandwiches and “Ed Stones” aside, I think he has matured as a politician since 2015 and am looking forward to seeing his work in the Opposition in coming years.

Head of Website & Design - Alex Agnew (@AlexAgnewAA)

Degree: Physics MSci

Why did you want to join Bulseye?: I joined Bulseye as head of website and design in order to work to build a magazine that brings together views on the left and gives voice to important issues of the day. I have worked extensively in graphic and web design for the past 5 years and have supported candidates in both the 2019 general election and in the postponed 2020 local elections. Now my work revolves around supporting the community action response to Covid-19 in Plymouth, alongside some ad hoc work supporting the shadow DCMS team.

How did you first get involved with the party?

I first joined the party around 2017 in West Dorset, and became a more active member in 2018 when I moved to University in Birmingham. I campaigned in Peterborough in the successful by-election and was active in the 2019 General Election campaign in Edgbaston.

How would you describe your politics?

I support politicians that aim to do their best by their constituents and who believe in equality and fairness in society. I joined Labour to be a part of a party and a movement committed to positive social change, and to oppose the ideologically driven, and often cruel policies of successive Conversative governments.

Favourite MP past or Present?: I respect all Labour MPs that speak up for those without a voice, but have been particularly impressed by Jess Phillips for speaking up for domestic abuse victims and fighting their corner. I feel she has a real ability to cut through the non-answers that politicians give, and her unconventional approach to breaking the mould of parliamentary democracy is inspiring.

Economics - Jude Stafford

Degree:  Economics

Why did you want to join Bulseye?: Students tend to have left-leaning sympathies and opinions, but currently student journalism tends to be mostly apolitical, and doesn’t accurately reflect its audience’s politics. Bulseye is an opportunity to change the conversations that we have on campus and effectively mobilise a progressive coalition of students.

How did you first get involved with the party? I joined the party after the 2015 General Election, wanting to act on my dislike of Tory policy and the Tory government - campaigning for positive change for everyone in the UK.

How would you describe your politics? I believe in equality of opportunity to succeed regardless of socioeconomic background, and a guarantee of a good standard of living for everyone in society.

Favourite MP past or Present?: Olivia Blake, MP for Sheffield Hallam, who on a poor night of results for Labour in December 2019 was able to hold the seat for Labour despite expectations that there was no hope of retaining it. Her positive messaging was able to cut through and provide some hope as to how Labour can win in many varied areas of the country in future.

Features - Jennifer Maidment (@jennifermaidme)

Degree: Policy, Politics and Economics.

Why did you want to join Bulseye?: We needed a place where we could share thoughts, campaigns and mobilise that was completely accessible. Bulseye is perfect as it’s online and anyone can submit work. Women are often spoken over in our debates and nervous freshers can get lost, in print it is clear and no one can write over you.  Bulseye is such an exciting new chapter in BULS, we can maximise our reach and give a platform to the great minds of UOB. For those who, like myself, who only got involved once at Uni it will be a great source of knowledge about the movement and hopefully will encourage them to get more involved.

How did you first get involved with the party?

Before I changed my degree from international law to PPE, I was heavily involved with the Womens’ and Non-binary Association here, where I met incredible women on the left. I had been left wing before but they gave me the confidence to join labour, join a trade union and get involved as much as possible. From running for committee,organising events, canvassing to GMB training weekends, this year has been a huge dive into the labour movement.

How would you describe your politics?

Are you a member of the labour party if you haven’t been accused of being too radical, and also been accused of being a blairite? From the age of 16 when I started to take interest in politics, I have grown and developed, so have my views. I would describe myself as an intersectional feminist who believes that the system to an extent cannot be ‘fixed’ but has to be dismantled. Power to the people, not the tories. We need systematic change to fight systematic oppression, but I would never use this as an excuse to stop doing what I can now, and to stop trying to affect change. I believe in campaigning and mobilising as much as physically possible.

Favourite MP past or Present?:

Lisa Nandy is my fave current MP. I really enjoyed her no-nonsense campaign for leader, it truly felt like she understood the public and what reactions we had received on the door. Her response to anti-semitism in the party and her answers on Trans rights truly restored my faith in the party. I am excited to see what she does in the shadow cabinet, and to watch her develop.

World - Lewis Quinn (@guerrillapasta)

Degree: Politics and International Relations.

Why did you want to join Bulseye?: I got involved with Bulseye because I feel that there is a real lack of news sources that are both for students, covering what matters to them, and reflects the ideas, values and politics of most students. Bulseye is our opportunity to create a place where students can come to find out about things that affect them and matter to them, but also learn about wider issues from a student perspective.

How did you first get involved with the party? I joined the Labour Party at 15 - after Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader and during the build up to the 2016 EU referendum. I saw Corbyn as something new and different, and he really broke through to me, making me care about politics for the first time. I have a complicated relationship with my love for JC, as I know many in the party and BULs do - he got me into politics but he likely was not the right person for the job of leader.

How would you describe your politics?

I’d call myself a socialist. I believe in evolutionary and gradual change, including but not at all limited to reform through electoral politics, with Labour backing a radical social democratic agenda to transform the economy and society.

Favourite MP past or Present?: Probably John McDonnell. Very radical, probably too much for me at times, but a lovely man with clear genuine passion to help people and make this country a more compassionate place. Firebrand is just the word.


24 Jun 2020

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