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So why can't I categorise every Jewish person’s experience into one article?

7 Sept 2020

Talia Knoble – Gershon

So why can't I categorise every Jewish person’s experience into one article?

Let us be honest this is an impossible task; if you ask any Jewish person they will say the exact same thing.  Judaism is a diverse and complex religion, lots of different people identify with it in different ways. Thus what I can do is speak about my Jewish experience. I hope by reading this you have insight to one person’s Jewish experience and it inspires you to research many more. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story.

I grew up going to Jewish primary school and then Jewish secondary school, attending synagogue, which is the Jewish place of worship. I always had some sort of connection to Judaism, over the years it has become less religious and much more cultural. For me Judaism is about the traditions and culture. I feel most connected to Judaism when I am at a Friday night dinner or surrounded with my Jewish friends reminiscing about memories from summer camp.

Community makes me feel connected to my small but ever so mighty religion. A large part of my Jewish identity rests in BBYO, which stands for Bnai Brith Youth Organisation. This pluralist Jewish youth group has helped me learn so much about Judaism and myself. It has helped me make long lasting life connections and learn about new cultures, and has allowed for so much self-growth. In 2018 I went to a BBYO summer camp in USA, which focused around Judaism. I learnt so much about my Jewish identity and spiritualty. It made me realise Judaism for me is all about community, connections and culture.

Thus upon coming to university I have really enjoyed the fact that the Jewish Society is so large. This is because it has helped me with my connection to Judaism. This society is something I value a lot and has helped me in this new part of my life.

To conclude it is important to remember that this experience is simply mine. I only represent one Jewish experience out of millions. I urge each and every one of you to research a plethora of Jewish experiences to learn more.