Something has got to change-

Since the rise of social media, we have witnessed atrocious acts committed by the police towards POC and Black People specifically. The most recent of those was the death of George Floyd.

He is the latest example of what happens when a large and powerful institution is allowed to exercise justice in a way that they see fit; often with no consequences. He is an example of what happens when an institution is left unchecked. An example of an institution, that allows race to determine the actions they take on an individual.

His death was caused by a process of systematic and institutional racism that has prevailed despite modern notions of democracy, equality and justice. For those of you who argue that this is not the case in the UK, you are wrong.

We have seen police brutality, racism and discrimination. Stephen Lawrence. Mark Duggan. Trevor Smith. Belly Mujinga. These are only a few.

However, brute force is not the only way to ostracise an entire community. Depriving them of economic opportunity and a decent education perpetuates racist narratives and ‘blame culture’. The media using a racialised discourse allows for the continued desensitisation to the lives and the death of black people.

A different kind of racist is still racist.

The nature and methods of racism may change from country to country or through time. But the fact still remains, black people have been, and continue to be, oppressed on an international scale.

Now is the time to change that. We have all witnessed the increased outrage and backlash that comes from these events. So, something's gotta give.

If you believe that racism is wrong, DO SOMETHING! Call out your family on their prejudices or speak up and defend those who are subject to discrimination. Or simply educate yourself! You don't have to take on the world, you've just got to start somewhere. Otherwise you become complicit in a system that dehumanises other humans, whether it's a friend, a family member, a neighbour, an employee, a manager or a stranger.

Everyone deserves equal opportunity, and this should not be inhibited by something as simple as the colour of your skin.

Manisha Dhaliwal

24 Jun 2020

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Something has got to change-

Photo credit: Brunel Johnson