Bulseye Magazine


Last Updated:

8 October 2021, 13:53:45

BulsEye is an online publication launched by some members of the Birmingham University Labour Society. We collectively decided there is a real lack of news sources that are both for students, covering what matters to them, and reflecting their ideas, values and politics.

Bulseye is our opportunity to create a place where students can experience this. We wanted our publication to be as accessible as possible so an online platform seemed perfect as anyone can submit whatever they want to say. To us this is crucial as women and minorities can often be spoken over in our debates and nervous freshers can get lost, in print it is clear and no one can silence you or your beliefs.

Our ambition for the Magazine is for it to be a unifying force for all ‘factions’ on the Left and organise it to be as influential as possible, whether that be on or off campus. We need reminding that we are united in our goals for society and differ only, sometimes trivially, in how to achieve them. This is why we encourage you to please submit your work, the power of the left is its roots and the voices of those who are involved, make your voice heard! We believe Bulseye is an exciting new chapter in BULS history, we aim to maximise our reach and give a platform to the great minds of UoB.